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Sniper Tournament
Tournament will start later in October
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11/03/00 -NightHawk
Tonights game was with ~ and system. Unfortunately, one of ~'s players had to go, but they had a backup. There were a few gitches, but the game went on. Ranks and screenshots are updated. Look forward to a slight change in layout soon to.

11/02/00 -NightHawk
Last nights game wasnt so great. System was ready to go, but AA never showed. 0 points for AA and credits goto system. Next game is this firday. Check the shedule.

11/01/00 -NightHawk
Tonights game will be [AA] vs System. Time is on the shedule page. Refs, please msg me. I also fixed the link to the sniper tournament 2fort5 edition. Please download that in our files area.

10/28/00 -NightHawk
I got the screenshots section up, so you can look at the game from a few nights back.

10/27/00 -NightHawk
Amazing game last night. The scores were really tight! Both silenced and BANG! did a really great job! Good work! Next 2 games will be AA vs TECH, and Fobin Bipple vs System. Either me or Laser will contact the teams and set up a date preferably next week.

10/26/00 -NightHawk
Only a few hours away till the first game. Also, LimpBizkit is getting cheap, and decided to take away their email service, so from now on, email me at

10/25/00 -NightHawk
Well, only 1 day left till the first game. Tomorrow night is also when we will not be accepting new application forms. Good luck to the teams tomorrow, and remember to have fun!

10/24/00 -NightHawk
There was an update in mega-tf versions on the server we are going to be playing in. So, lots of people cannot connect because they dont have some files or something. So if you have that problem, goto,, and you can get them there.

10/23/00 -NightHawk
The date and time has been set up for the first match. Check the shedule. More matches will start later in the week, and month.

10/22/00 -NightHawk
Theres still no set date for the first match. Its still confirmed to be next week. Most likely inbetween wednesday and sunday.

10/20/00 -NightHawk
Sorry I didnt add news yesterday. I was busy adding those little pic things on the top right of each page. heh. Anyway, the date for the first match should be released tomorrow. Check back then.

10/18/00 -NightHawk
Alright, were ready to get started! *applause*. The first game will be Silenced vs Saian Supa Snipers. The game will start with a 1 on 1 with an elected member from each team. The map will be sniperwar. First person to 10 frags wins. Winning team will get bonus points, and gets to decide what map the 3 on 3 will be on. Then, there will be the 3 on 3. Check back for exact date, and check the shedule.

10/16/00 -NightHawk
As of today, we now have 7 teams who have joined. Were almost ready to get started, so check back for when the first game will be held.

10/15/00 -NightHawk
Yay! Our counter reached 100 today. Ive only had that counter up for a week to!

10/14/00 -NightHawk
We have affiliated with Now everyone help em out, and goto their site. heh. Oh yeah. I dont know what happened to Laser either. I think hes on vacation or something. hes never on anymore. Thats all for today!

10/14/00 -NightHawk
Well, sorry I havent posted any news in a long time, but I have been doing lots of updates. We got a few more people who are searching for 1 more teammember. Sign up for their team here. We also have 6 teams. Just a few more to go before we get started. Finally, plexi is almost done the map we will be using. It will avaible on our files area.

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