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Clan Pure Xtreme Quakers
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MATURE: Do not insult other players, accuse them of cheating, bitch/whine on any server. Ignore newbie insults and other player insults and just play the game.
RESPONSIBILE: you are your own responsibility, you are responsible for making it to practices and matches that have be scheduled, if you will fail to make it to practices you are expect to inform one of the 'leaders' before hand. you are also expected to be in the mIRC channel 20 - 30 minutes before the practice. DISCIPLINED: This is an important factor in PxQ, discipline is what a lot of clans lack, you are expected to follow the orders the squad leaders give and not to interrupt them when they are in the middle of telling the clan a strategy. all SUGGESTIONS are of course welcome but AFTER the squad leader is finished with his plan.
cheating is NOT tolerated in PxQ. any member found cheating will be discharged immediately and under no circumstances let back into the clan. messagemode2 should be used in all matches (not just league) expect for squad leaders.

Wear the ]PxQ[ Tag on our server, matches, scrimmages, practices and preferably public servers

Failure to abide to these rules in this section will results in demotion of rank or in extreme cases ejection from the clan.

Second Area : Clan Wars

Servers: If you wish to challenge us and use your own server then the server must have exceptable speeds, heavy packetloss or unacceptable pings and we will move servers just like league matches. we do not wish to lose due to lag on your server.

Agreements: You must agree to play 3 matches, one on your server, and one on ours and one for the TieBreaker in case of a draw. The total points (caps & frags) will determine the winner of the game. You must have at least 8 players to be able to play for the match. If you show up with less than 8 players, you can either play shorthanded or call a forfeit. You are not allowed to use any ringers (people from other clans) if the case arises that you dont have enough players for a match. Both clans are expected to select 1 or 2 'messagemode1' people for the match, so that we dont have everyone talking. We also do not except the accusation of cheaters in PxQ. If you suspect someone is cheating tell us after the game, but dont whine about it.

Third Area : Recruiting

Recruiting Members: The 'Recruiters' are the only people in PxQ who can recruit people. Members are not allowed to recruit. Members can only give recommendations to for players the Recruiters. We expect ONLY good recommendations. PxQ means Pure Xtreme Quakers and we expect only the best, so dont waste our time These are some of the criteria we want as a player...

You are a Team Player.

You are 15 years or older(mature).

You want to learn new things from us.

You must be able to obey orders. (big part)

If a plan is set for a clan match follow by it, dont go renegade and try and win on your own.

Refrain from treating other members like shit.

Making recommendations for strategy

Tryouts: Tryouts are run by one of the Recruiters. He/She will schedule a tryout time with the recruit(you). You are expected to be obey what the recruiter says. The way we will try you out is we will make you play your selected field (offense/defence) against 2 of our members, that will be a 35 minute game (5 mins prematch). this first match will determine how good you are alone should the situation arise. and then we will make you participate in a full on clan practice. this participation in the clan practice will determine how well you work as a team. The recruiter may sit out and spectate you, so dont be nervous :). YOU MUST ATTEND BOTH TO BE EXCEPTED INTO THE CLAN. Tryout #1 and the clan practice maybe on different days, but thats another test of how well you can work your time. If you fail to make it into PxQ you can reapply but only within 3 weeks time (Earliest). If you fail to make it into PxQ after 3 tryouts your applications will no longer be accepted.

Members: Once you are a member, you HAVE to wear the ]PxQ[ tag whenever you play on our server, matches, scrimmages, practices and preferably public servers. be proud, you made it into the new pure clan :).

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